A dual portable hand washing station.

Handwash Stations

At M&A Rentals, we are a locally owned company that provides portable handwash stations for our clients in Hobbs. With years of experience guiding our way, we are considered one of the finest handwash station rental services in Hobbs. Our portable hand wash stations are an excellent alternative for events where traditional sinks are inaccessible. These portable handwash stations are a great option for medical and health facilities, construction sites, festivals, summer camps, farmer markets, and catering events in Hobbs. A one stop solution for areas that don't have running water, portable handwash stations help minimize the spread of germs.

Why Should You Consider Installing a Portable Handwash Station in Hobbs?

Our sanitation station rental service in Hobbs understands that each client has unique requirements. Ideal for large crowds, our handwash stations have a large capacity washbasin and also carries all necessary accessories for operating a portable handwash station smoothly. A portable handwash station prevents the need for expensive plumbing installation, helps maintain hygiene levels, decreases virus prevention, and is portable enough to be taken around anywhere you prefer. From washing hands at a food festival to using the handwash station after using a portable toilet, the portable stations at M&A Rentals are designed to serve the needs of our clientele in Hobbs.

Hire a Reliable Sanitation Station Rental Service in Hobbs

Our sanitation station rental service is distinguished by its ability to consistently upgrade our service value, pick and choose custom solutions, and maintain effective communication. Offering easy mobility and flexibility, our portable handwash stations help provide a pleasant hand washing experience. Built for easy setup, our handwash stations are fully equipped with fresh water, soap, and power towels to ensure your team, visitors, and guests have a reliable solution for washing their hands. To comply with hand washing regulations and codes in Hobbs, consider getting a handwash station set up for your event or site in Hobbs.

Making a Variety Projects in Hobbs, NM Easier Everyday

Trying to complete a home remodel, construction job, or even a simple home or business cleanout is almost impossible without somewhere to put all your unwanted junk and trash. At M&A Rentals, we have made it our mission for years to bring disposal and sanitary solutions the people of Hobbs, NM need — no matter the occasion. With various dumpster rental sizes, we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for. Whether you’re seeking a roll off dumpster rental, portable toilets, handwashing stations, even black waste or freshwater tanks, we have you covered.

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