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At M&A Rentals, we are a locally owned company that provides rental roll off dumpsters, portable toilets, handwash stations, black waste, and fresh water tanks for commercial and residential clients in Seminole. Our roll off container rental service specializes in comprehensively learning and understanding your needs, picking out options that fit your requirements, and installing each portable solution in an efficient, effective manner. To set up for your upcoming countryside wedding or food festival in Seminole, consider consulting our professionals.

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Haul Construction Waste & Junk in Seminole — Choose Our Roll Off Container Rental Service

Our 18 and 30-yard roll off dumpsters are built with durable, tough material, making them ideal for loading and hauling off home renovation debris, construction waste material, drywall debris, segregated recyclable, and demolition project waste. Our dumpster rental service in Seminole offers you a quick, efficient way of waste disposal, storage, and management for residential and industrial projects. Designed to clear out large spaces in Seminole, the appropriate height and easy loading mechanism of our roll off dumpsters help make the waste management process convenient.

Two yellow portable toilets at a park

Install a Portable Toilet in Seminole — Hire M&A Rentals

Our portable toilet rental service provides portable toilets that are built with long lasting material, are tall enough to accommodate varying heights, and are ideal for safely disposing of human waste. Our porta potty rental service in Seminole is an expert in pumping out sludge and human waste from your portable toilet's black waste tank. A necessity for any temporary event in Seminole, our portable toilets can be easily moved and positioned anywhere. If you want to ensure cleanliness and offer convenience to your guests, then consider installing a portable toilet for your event.


Our Other Equipment Rentals

Handwash Stations

Our portable handwash stations are an excellent alternative for outdoor events.
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Black Waste Tanks

Our septic tank installation service is renowned for its quality.
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Fresh Water Tanks

Our water tank service specializes in reliable instalation.
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Equipment for washing hands outdoors in public site

Do You Want a Handwash Station Set Up for Your Event in Seminole?

Our portable handwash stations come with a variety of accessories, making them flexible enough and perfect for an easy handwashing experience. Ideal for a large crowd, our portable handwash stations eliminate the need for expensive, extensive plumbing, prevent virus transmission, and are optimal for maintaining adequate hygiene levels. Fully equipped with fresh water supply, soap, and power towels, our handwash stations ensure you, your guests, visitors, and team members can easily hand your washes in areas where traditional sinks are unavailable.

Dumpster Rentals

Specially Designed For Any Type of Project

Regardless of what type of commercial business you own in Seminole, it's no surprise that your trash collection can quickly add up. With so much responsibility that comes with owning a business, you don't have endless time to focus on something as trivial as trash. We provide a variety of dumpster rental options for tasks like:

Close-up pipe hose of sewage truck car engine emptying home sewerage tank. Septic cleaning vacuum service and maintenance suburban countryside home. Suction vehicle cleaner machine pumping drainage.

Make the Smart Choice — Choose Our Portable Black Waste Tank

The main job of a septic tank is to temporarily store human waste, black water, sewage, and septic safe toilet paper. Our rental service provides job site septic tanks, RV waste tanks, marine waste tanks, and residential septic tanks, making it one of the finest rental services in Seminole. So, whether you're hosting a small local event with a few dozen guests or a large scale festival, getting a black waste tank installed in your porta potty should be your foremost decision. To maintain cleanliness around your site area, get in touch with our professionals.

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Making a Variety Projects in Seminole Easier Everyday

Trying to complete a home remodel, construction job, or even a simple home or business cleanout is almost impossible without somewhere to put all your unwanted junk and trash. At M&A Rentals, we have made it our mission for years to bring disposal and sanitary solutions the people of Seminole need — no matter the occasion. With various dumpster rental sizes, we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for. Whether you’re seeking a roll off dumpster rental, portable toilets, handwashing stations, even black waste or freshwater tanks, we have you covered.

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